"Workshopping" at the 2010 SUNYLA Conference

It’s always interesting to see how your conference presentations will be received. You spend so much time preparing, wondering if your work is innovative enough to keep an audience’s attention, and anticipating what could (and probably will) go wrong—especially when it comes to the technology side of things.

Yesterday, a fellow librarian and I had the opportunity to run a three hour pre-conference workshop on developing a communication strategy for your library using social media. This was a first for me, moving outside of the typical 1 hour presentation or panel discussion. Our presentation was completely in the clouds, so we were very nervous about losing wifi connections. I must say, the experience was much less painful than I thought it would be. I attribute this to small class size, a forgiving audience, and great internet connectivity. For a first try it went incredibly well; this supported by all positive comments on our post-assessment. To top it off, we were invited to take the show on the road and present it again at one of the larger research centers within the SUNY system. The good news? Outside of a few tweaks, we are already prepared!